Your Membership is a powerful act in supporting the global education of our entire community. A thriving democracy and a vibrant community requires citizens like you who want to learn more about the world so they can act confidently in it.


As a Member, you join nearly 500,000 other like-minded leaders from around the country who have pledged their Membership in the World Affairs Councils of America, the largest international affairs nonprofit organization.


Membership dues directly support our programs for students in Dayton area schools, teaching them the values of responsible citizenship and helping them build critical skills necessary for success in an increasingly international workforce.


Membership benefits include unparalleled access to influential figures in the global arena.  You will meet and question newsmakers in intimate settings and enjoy discounted or complimentary admission to our programs and partner organization programs.  Members who join at the Diplomat level also receive private invitations to events with visiting dignitaries.


All members will have the opportunity to network socially and professionally with a dynamic internationally-minded group that includes civic, business and academic leaders from our region.  And members will have a voice in our nationwide public policy forum, as well in our community. 


Steps to become a member:


To become a member, please complete the online application form before submitting a payment.  The application form will gather the necessary information for your membership.  If you would prefer to submit your paperwork & payment by mail, please refer to the "Pay by Mail" section below.


Please select your chosen membership level below to submit a payment.


Pay Online


General Membership


Diplomats Club


Corporate Membership


Pay by Mail
  1. Print & fill out the application form.

  2. Send the application & check to the address on application form.


P.O. Box 9190, WBB

Dayton, Ohio 45409

Tel. (937) 343-1653

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